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Founded in 2014, BPSS has grown to be a leading Indian IT company specializing in providing customized software solutions for the Oil and Gas industry. The firm's wide variety of software products and services provides easy data management and advanced data analytics capability to the upstream oil and gas Industry.

Our Products


InPDA software is for quick production data interpretation for single or multiple wells. It incorporates multiple comprehensive modules such as Decline curve analysis, various stochastic and deterministic simulation, rate transient analysis and many more. A fully customizable software having the following list of features.

  • Volumetric method (various probability functions)
  • Material balance method
  • Rate transient analysis (RTA) for the following completion types:
    • Vertical Well with or without fracture
    • Multistage fractured horizontal well
    • Open hole horizontal well
  • Decline curve analysis with Monto Carlo simulation
  • PVT calculations
  • Fully Automatic Reservoir calculations with pseudo pressure; Analytical & Automatic history matching
  • Intuitive reporting services
  • Special plotting tool
  • Completion plotting
  • Mapping

Well DB

Well Database application provides data management solution, capable of storing different types of petrophysical and fluid logs under a common application, capable of third-party integration.

  • Interactive Log Interpretation
  • Core data Interpretation with depth shifting
  • Curve Fitting and predictive analysis
  • Central Repository for logging different data types.
  • Admin Console for data monitoring and accessibility.
  • Maintains standard nomenclature for all logs coming from different vendors.
  • Upload thousands of logs and store it structured database.
  • Ability to read different file formats such as LAS, excel, text, and DLIS.
  • Third party integration through dedicated API’s.
  • Geo-location mapping along with fully customizable various plot options.

Shale Span

SPAN (Shale PVT based Analysis of NGLs) provides detailed NGLs forecasts by component (C2-C5+) for shale and tight oil plays under various drilling scenarios. SPAN uses state-of-the-art PVT analysis and numerical simulations to forecast well level NGLs compositions and integrates them with drilling forecasts to predict play-level NGL production based on reservoir engineering principles


InPVT is a fluid modeling tool that can be used for the accurate prediction of thermodynamics of hydrocarbons. With minimal compositional input, the tool can simulate all standard PVT experiments, tune the equation-of-state (EOS) model to match the data, and export the relevant model parameters to external simulators, such as reservoir simulators. The phase behavior of all hydrocarbon fluid types, from light gas to heavy oil, can be well predicted.

InPVT can be used in the upstream as well as the midstream oil and gas industry by reservoir engineers, production engineers, process/flow assurance engineers and even pipeline engineers to obtain quality PVT data that would be invaluable as input to their reservoir/well/process/pipeline design work.

Fluid DB

A custom build repository for storing fluid sample analysis ( TBP experimental data, PVT reports, and geochemical records.)


  • Online drive to map network drives to a common interface.
  • Capability for third-party integration through API
  • Admin Console for data monitoring and accessibility.

Our Clients


Insights Reservoir Consulting

Insights Reservoir Consulting is an upstream reservoir engineering consulting firm. It provides solution to upstream oil and shale gas exploration.



PetroZoom is a start-up based in Houston, USA with a mission to provide user-friendly technical and commercial analysis to the oil industry.



Bright Petroleum Software Solution is currently involved in a project for insights re-consulting from Apache Corporation.


Shale Value

Shale Value provides unique predicative analytics based on reservoir engineering to evaluate shale and tight oil assets and operators.

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