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Bright Petroleum Software Solution

Bright Petroleum Softwares Solution

Bright Petroleum Software Solution is an IT Company , Which mainly builds petroleum industry applications


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Our Projects

Project 1

In this project we are developing application for production data analysis of single or multiple wells, compare the data and analysis of individual wells. This is a quick well interpretation tool.

This also incorporates computation of Bottom hole pressure, PVT properties, Rate Transient analysis and numerical simulation. Well results and production can be compared.

Project 2

Newly found, Shale oil and gas reservoirs in North America has transformed the economy of US. It has made the US almost self-reliant in energy and has impacted the oil price and supply of the world.

BPSS is creating database application for Petrozoom. This product will be focused on unconventional shale oil and gas reservoir in North America. It will have suites of data from various public sources which will be organized and displayed by the application and can easily be retrieved, and analyzed. Comparative analysis of various shale plays can also be performed.

Our Clients

1. Insights Reservoir Consulting:

Insights Reservoir Consulting is an upstream reservoir engineering consulting firm. It provides solution to upstream oil and shale gas exploration. The expertise of the firm is in PVT data gathering, its interpretation, rate transient analysis and flow simulation. It is also involved in making workflow for various processes in upstream petroleum industry.

2. Petrozoom:

PetroZoom is a start-up based in Houston, USA with a mission to provide user-friendly technical and commercial analysis to the oil industry. PetroZoom is developing a unique analytic web based tool for shale and tight oil plays that utilizes reservoir simulation alongside data available from public sources to diagnose detailed completion and reservoir parameters. Our solution combines technical modelling including type curve generation based on reservoir physics and detailed PVT models with commercial analysis. The tool is an industry-first and is designed to facilitate comparing completion efficiency across operators, fluid types and areas and also facilitate well spacing and completion design optimization under various price and cost scenarios. The tool will also provide bench-marking by operator and area, assist in estimating production upside and value gap and help deduce best operational practices

3. Apache:

Bright Petroleum Software Solution is currently involved in a project for insights re-consulting from Apache Corporation. Apache Corporation is an American independent oil and gas corporation. It is headquartered in 1 Post Oak Central in the Uptown district of Houston, Texas. Apache is a large multinational company, with regional offices and operations in the United States, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Egypt and UK North Sea. The company's proven reserves at year ending 2010 totaled 2.95 billion barrels of oil equivalent, roughly half oil and half natural gas. It is an over fifty year old company that has grown significantly over the years both by exploring and acquiring new companies.

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